Tiny heart pump monitors pressure, alerts patients about medications

Wow, modern technology just gets better and better. This article features a little tiny heart pump that is placed on the left atrium, and then connected by a little wire to a device on the hip. Patients have a little handheld device that looks like, well, an iPod. And the best part? The pump is called a HeartPOD. That is some damn good marketing.

The HeartPOD monitors heart pressure and alerts patients to any adjustments they may need to make in medication. Not only does this make their health care more consistent, but it also cuts down the number of in-patient visits they need to make to have the monitoring done by a health care professional. That is a jump in quality of life. It will be even better when it also plays MP3’s.

Face Fitness Center Review – Loose Your Double Chin

Many people develop a double chin as they age and while this unsightly facial feature can partly be attributed to natural causes such as genetics, some of the causes are due to lifestyle choices.

The ‘Face Fitness Center’ offers one of the few products on the market designed specifically for people wanting to lose weight in facial areas including the chin and the cheeks. The following is a review of the product in question which is called the ‘Face Fitness Formula’.

Designed by John Socratous as a way to boost his modeling career this guide is the culmination of his own research as well as tips and insights that he has picked up from inside the fashion industry. Being scared of going under the knife and unable to afford cosmetic surgery he went his own way and has developed a system for those looking to improve their facial features.

‘Face Fitness Formula’ is essentially a step by step guide on how to lose weight in the face in only thirty days. It is the most comprehensive facial fat loss guide available online in that it not only focuses on facial exercises but also on a specific diet for this part of the body.

Along side his in-depth guide, John Socratous also offers a set of 40 videos that demonstrate the various exercises that you can do to reduce facial fat. He has included the standard facial exercises that were already familiar to me but he also includes a good number of more unconventional facial exercises that I had never seen before. These videos are divided into two sets for those wanting to focus on reducing a double chin and those more interested in getting rid of chubby cheeks.

The guide also comes with a monthly meal planner and dietary tricks specifically for losing weight in the face and getting rid of a double chin.

The 30 day schedule is broken down into weekly modules that include a variety of health and fitness activities from body cleansing and a unique diet plan through to facial massage and meditation.

Response to the program has been great since its introduction in 2006 and the ‘Face Fitness Center’ website features a number of glowing reviews.

The guide comes with three bonuses, including an anti-aging guide and a guide for getting rid of acne.

Currently priced at $47 the product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason.

John Socratous stands by his program 100% and is therefore offering $100 to anyone who is able to find a program to equal or better his own. This would be a tough challenge as he is currently the only person online with a comprehensive weight loss program that targets the face.

Secrets To Jumping High

There are no shortcuts in life. No one knows this better than an athlete. Even those blessed with God-given talent know that there is only one way to succeed in this competitive world: training and training hard.

It also means covering all your bases. You simply cannot be the best if you choose to focus all your energy on only one facet of your training. This is why you need to focus on all nine aspects of vertical jump training.

Multi-faceted approach
Think about it. The car you love needs more than the petrol running it. It needs servicing of each and every part to help it run smooth.

If you are looking for a training program to how to increase your vertical leap, avoid those that focus only on one or two. While they may get you results and seem fast, they can never be effective on a long-term basis.

Programs such as the Jump manual address all nine approaches to vertical jumping. In fact, you see results faster as the comprehensive approach has a cumulative effect. It focuses on both the physical and the mental.

The nine approaches are:
Form: The most obvious area, the Jump manual targets improvements on form. However many programs focus on just this aspect and ignore the next eight.

Core training: Sure, a program may offer you core training. But go for a course like the Jump manual that also offers one-on-one training to teach you the correct schedule.

Plyometric: Again, find out if your program is teaching you the right exercises. It must also show you where you are going wrong.

Diet: An essential aspect for muscle training, your diet must help in muscle development and recovery. Proper nutrition is important for any athlete.

Resistance training: Again an important aspect for any athlete. Training modules such as The Jump Manual tailor then as per vertical jumping needs.

Biology: A human being is a biological entity and every athlete must understand his body. After all, it is his most important tool. Understand how it works and how you can make it more efficient. Understand the elastic nature of our muscles and how to use them effectively when jumping

Mental strength: Sports is more than just its physical aspect. As it deals with human beings, one cannot ignore the mental aspect. It is what differentiates the great players from the also-rans. Confidence in your ability, discipline and your will-power can make or break you.

Flexibility: Use advanced flexibility training to strengthen your muscles. The Jump Manual shows you how to provide leverage to your movements and allow your muscles to contract effectively.

Untargeted muscles: Often training programs ignore muscle groups. Comprehensive modules such as the Jump manual target all the muscles involved in vertical jumping.

If you are looking to add inches to your vertical jump, look around for the most comprehensive one like the Jump manual. One that offers no shortcuts, shows you every aspect of vertical jumping and how to improve them.

Body Solid Home Gyms Reviewed

Home gym models and manufacturers come and go, but Body Solid Home Gyms have garnered a name for themselves in a crowded market by delivering club quality features at an affordable price.

There’s a Body Solid Gym for every need, from the Body Solid Series 7 smith machine for the hard core strength trainer, to the more novice friendly Body Solid exm1500 and highly rated Body Solid g4i home gym.

With the best warranty in the industry, Body Solid has postitioned its home gyms as a premium name, without the premium price. As a bonus, you can buy Body Solid gyms online with free shipping and have them delivered right to your front door…

Bowflex Home Gym Reviews

The Bowflex gym reviews from the FITMVP.com are broken down by machine model.

Now that there are so many Bowflex gyms on the market to choose from, I’ve done my best to highlight each machines advantages and strengths and also compare them against the competition like the Weider Crossbow.

Find the Bowflex Review you’re interested in below and get all the dirt on it so you can make an informed home gym purchase and get the right Bowflex model for your needs.

Bodycraft Galena Home Gym Review

FITMVP.com’s Bodycraft Galena Home Gym trainer rating and complete review.

Similar models to the Bodycraft Galena Gym include the Bodycraft Xpress Pro, Bodycraft Xpress Pro, Body Solid EXM 1500,and Body Solid G6B.

Bodycraft Galena Home Gym

If you’re shopping for a Bodycraft Galena home gym and haven’t looked at the Bodycraft Xpress home gym, I strongly encourage you to read my review before deciding which gym is right for you.

I know the Galena received a ‘Best Buy’ award from consumers digest, but I don’t agree with their analysis or recommendation. Sometimes I wonder who is actually reviewing the exercise equipment for these publications because they’re way off the mark on many of their picks.

The primary reason I’m not the biggest fan of the Bodycraft Galena is that I don’t care for the design layout with the separate pec deck.

Putting on a pec deck on station 2 is more for show, and the fact that having a pec deck will sell more gyms to the uninformed.

A gym in this price range should have more substantial options on it, not just a throw in station that’s of little value. You’re also going to pay a whole lot for this gym when you add the leg press option for another $500 bucks.

Key specs on the Bodycraft Galena gym:

Dimensions: 58” Wide (Pec Dec) X 72” Deep (Press Station) 92” Wide with Optional Leg Press X 81” High
200 lbs. weight stack in 10 lb. increments. Precision milled cast iron plates with nylon bushings for smooth action
2″ X 2″ and 2″ X 3″, 11 and 12 gauge steel tubing frame
Flexible nylon coated, 7X 19 strand aircraft cable rated at over 2000 lbs. tensile strength
Lat Pull Bar, Curl Bar, Ankle Strap and two Single Handles are included

The Bodycraft Galena isn’t a total wash, there are some things I like about this home gym like the self aligning leg extension and curl station, a high pulley for lat pulldowns and the space saving design that will fit into a corner of your gym.

The Bodycraft Galena gym needs improvement on the station 2 setup before I will give it my endorsement, so until that happens, take a look at the Bodycraft Xpress, Body Solid G6B and Bowflex Ultimate 2 Gym as better options in this price range.

Treadmill Reviews

Treadmill Reviews – Trusted Advice and Expert Tips

The FITMVP.com comprehensive treadmill reviews and ratings of popular treadmill models by price, brand, best buys with in-depth analysis.

In a hurry and don’t want to wade through all the reviews? Go to my treadmill best buys and find the perfect machine for your needs and budget.

Are you confused by all the online treadmill reviews and need some trusted advice and shopping tips first?

Then start by reading my comprehensive guides and ratings listed below and get educated first:

Treadmills Buyer’s Guide
Treadmill Ratings
Treadmill Best Buys
Treadmill Reviews

When you see this symbol ( <) next to a treadmill review it means the specific model of treadmill is recommended and is a class leader in its respective category of price and budget.

I know buying a treadmill online can be confusing, so along with my treadmill reviews I’ve put together a comprehensive list of resources to help you research the most popular brands.

Along with all of the treadmill resources here on the website, there are tons of additional articles, reviews and comparisons on the blog where I answer readers treadmill questions every day.

Once you’ve armed yourself with all my expert treadmill knowledge, you’ll be able to get a great deal by shopping online.

5 Benefits To Buying a Treadmill Online:

Save Up To 40%
The most obvious reason to buy your treadmill online is the cost savings. By skipping the middleman (brick and mortar stores) you can save up to 40% and get a better machine for less money.

No High Pressure, Pushy Salesmen
I don’t know about you, but when I go shopping at a local store I always feel like I’m under pressure to buy from those pushy salesmen to buy something I don’t want.

When you shop online you’re in control, not them.

Treadmill Research at Your Fingertips
Before the online shopping revolution took hold, it was impossible for shoppers to get a fair shake when they walked into a treadmill store because of their lack of “treadmill knowledge”.

Thankfully the Internet has tipped the playing field in favor of the consumer who now (thanks to websites like this one) can make an informed buying decision in the comfort of their own home.

No Sales Tax
When you buy a treadmill from a local store you have to pay sales tax – there’s no way around it.

By shopping online you can save a bundle. For example the sales tax alone on a $1500 treadmill (at 6.5%) is over $97!

Free Shipping
Most online wholesalers offer free shipping because they don’t have to ship the treadmill twice – once to the retailer, and then to you. The typical savings to you is $100-$200.

Summary: Save up to 40% without being hassled by high pressure salesmen, save money on sales tax and get free shipping directly to your home – total bottom line savings for you is $150-$400.

Expert Equipment Picks

This page on the FITMVP.com is different from my other resource pages where I review and rate the different equipment in each category.

This page is all about my personal picks for equipment, some of this equipment I already own and use in my home gym, and some is on my wish list.

I recently expanded my home gym by knocking out a wall in the basement so I have room to roam now.

Some recent additions to my home gym include a Bosu Ball, Bodylastics Resistance Bands, Hex Dumbells and the best exercise ball on the market.

I’m always on the lookout for new equipment and change my gym a lot based on what type of training I’m into.

Here are my exercise equipment picks for 2010…

Exercise Equipment Picks for 2010

Weight Bench
The Ironmaster Super Bench really is super. What appears to be an ordinary weight bench is actually a fully finctional home gym in disguise.

It’s kind of like Clark Kent – sure he looks unassuming until you see him flying around in his Super Man cape kicking bad guy butts all over town.

With add-on attachments like a pull-up tower, dip handles, cable tower, barbell adapter and dumbell stands the super bench can do it all, and for a fair price.

Elliptical Trainer
When my elliptical gives out (come on baby, give out) I’m getting the Sole e95 Elliptical. This is one sweet machine that compares with club models but costs thousands less.

Ab Machine
This exercise ball will kick ass all over any ab machine those late night TV idiots can dream up. As a bonus, it’s less expensive and more versatile!

Home Gym
I’m sick of the commercials, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Bowflex Revolution is one cool gym. Good for core and sport training in a small package – sweet.

Smith Machine
Yes, I own a Smith Machine already and would have bought the Body Solid Series 7 if I didn’t find a floor model closeout that I couldn’t pass on. The Body Solid dominates the wanna be “bushing” smith machines.

I’m planning to “break up” with my old treadmill and get the Sole F85 Treadmill. Why? How about wireless heart rate control, a long warranty, huge running area, great display and solid motor. Did I mention it folds too?